This Easter weekend turned out to be sunny and pretty much the first time I spent a whole afternoon in the sun on a terrace this year. I tried it once or twice in March, but that was just my optimistic nature. With a hot weekend in sight - I heard temperatures are rising up to 19 degrees - I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite Spring hotspots: Cafe Zurich at the Mercatorplein. 

As Cafe Zurich is only a five minute walk from my home, I often end up there on Saturdays and Sundays. I have tried the lunch menu too often for my budget, but there is one sandwich I just cannot deny: a pastrami, saurkraut and Emmental cheese hotshot. It is called the Reuben and comes on sourdough bread. My mouth starts to water - although that does not sound tasteful - while writing this and gosh, Reuben is such a cool name. 

Great food should be accompanied by nice wine. A rule that I am happy to implement. Most of the time, I go for a white Trebbiano wine: nice and accessible. When there is something to celebrate though, I order a bottle of Verdejo. The red wines are nice too, but with temperatures running high they tend to get a little too hot. Just saying. 

The best asset of Cafe Zurich is its terrace though. Big, yet cosy. Open, yet sheltered from the wind. And with the quickly developing Mercatorplein at its feet, Zurich is truly becoming a hotspot in Amsterdam-West. Try to not pose at the I Amsterdam logo that is placed there though. Such a touristy thing to do... ;-)

Happy Tuesday!

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