I have been wearing glasses since I was about 14 years old. Obviously, that was not cool back in the day and as my eyes are not that bad I decided not to wear them much. When I went to college though, I was getting migraines from reading all day long. And as I by then considered glasses as cool and a bonified fashion item I decided that I needed a new pair. The glasses I  found were a lucky find as they only costed 75 euros and were pretty cool. Shopping for glasses was a piece of cake I thought. Until I started searching for a new pair a few years later. I visited every shop in search for the perfect new frame, but I only considered the the Chanel ones as cool. Unfortunately, because Chanel is just not for my budget. 

Well, I could buy the frame but there was another problem: You see, the thing about shopping for glasses is that you do not only need to buy the frame but also buy the glasses. Separately. And damn, those glasses are expensive! I mean that is strange right? It is like if you would go shopping for jeans and are told to buy the button and zipper at the counter. Ace & Tate agree on that and decided to launch a line of amazing frames, sold in a package deal with the glasses. And in contrast to most of the frames out there, the frames of Ace & Tate are cool, young and oversized. Actually everything you have ever wanted. Frame wise. And the best part is: they only cost €98,- euros! 

Well, the best part of it is actually that Ace & Tate decided to pick me to choose a new frame at their office in the center of Amsterdam. Swoon! My search for the perfect glasses are finally over, since I decided to go for The Hudson. This black beauty is going to be my best friend at work and a real necessity when I am working on the blog. And as the Ace & Tate glasses are not that expensive, I think I might go for another pair somewhere in the near future. Because, just as you would like to pick your outfit every morning: Would it not be nice if you would be able to pick your frame for the day too?

So thank you Ace & Tate for brightening up my world. I am a really happy girl right now. 

And for you: please check the Ace & Tate website if you are searching for a new frame. Not only if you are searching for a pair of optical glasses, but also if you are looking for the perfect and not too expensive sunnies. 

Hope you like mine! :-)

Happy Sunday! 


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  1. goed idee inderdaad. Die bril staat je ook goed!

  2. Reacties
    1. Hi Charlotte, dank je wel. En na een week kan ik eerlijk zeggen, hij kijkt ook nog eens heel relaxed. :-) fijne dag vandaag! x

  3. Super leuke bril, Floor! Deze zou ook mijn voorkeur genieten wanneer ik een bril nodig had... (stiekem zou 'k er al een willen dragen). X Eline

    1. Ha Eline. Grappig dat brillen eigenlijk gewoon een accessoire zijn geworden toch? Volgens mij kan je de Ace & Tate brillen ook zonder sterkte kopen. :-) Nobody will notice.


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