musthave print sweater 2014 outfit inspiration

musthave print sweater 2014 outfit inspiration

Do you recognize the situation that you already know somebody for a while, but somehow totally missed the fact that they have picked up a cool activity? Like setting up a company that sells cool tees and sweaters. That is exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago, when my soccer mate Laura - Yes, I play soccer - showed me bit of her collection. Being a t-shirt and sweater freak herself, she started importing her favorite designs from all over the world. Soon though, she was selling her treasures like hot cakes and there was nothing left for her to wear. That is when she decided to take a chance. Why not make the best of a clear business opportunity right? (I like courageous people like that.) 

What is so nice about the KNUPS 2.0. label is that Laura handpicks all the designs and only buys them in small orders at a time. So little risk of running into someone wearing the same shirt. I also really like that she leans towards the bold prints. Think of Rihanna making an obscene gesture or a big print of the KFC logo. Which is really hot now that Moshino based their collection on fastfood chains by the way. As I am fond of minimalistic design, I fell in love with this blue sweater. But maybe it is just the skyline that makes me feel so cosmopolitan..

Anyway, if you are into boldly printed sweaters you should definitely take a look at Laura's facebook page. Nothing too pricy and definitely original. Let me know which one is your fave!

Happy Thursday!

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6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik vind je haar zoooo mooi! Je hebt het denk ik weer opnieuw laten doen?! Je highlights vallen nu meer op namelijk! Prachtig:)


    1. Hey, thanks! Nog niet opnieuw laten doen maarrrr....ga vanavond haha. Wil het iets minder rossig. Was het wel om de dag met zilver shampoo. Helpt best! :-)

  2. Wat een gave trui heb je aan!

    Jules x

    1. Beste Jules, om de gave trui even onder de aandacht te brengen:
      neem eens een kijkje op https://www.facebook.com/knups2.0, misschien zie je wel een trui die niet zou misstaan in jouw kledingkast! groetjes!

  3. Amazing! Wat een gave blog, waarvoor dank! De foto's zijn geweldig.. en de trui natuurlijk ook! Hij staat je fantastisch. Sweaters Knups2.0 gaat vast en zeker klanten trekken!


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