I have been shooting and writing to prepare for the launch of Waar Amsterdam Eet the past couple of weeks. Without spilling too much of our story, I thought I would share these pictures with you. They were taken yesterday at Hotel Droog's ROOMSERVICE: one of my favorite hangouts in the city. After a photo shoot for Bloggernet, I stayed a little while to work and enjoy a cup of coffee. The reason why I hang out here that much? There is just too much coolness happening at Hotel Droog. Clearly. 

As ROOMSERVICE is right in the heart of Amsterdam - somewhere in between the Waterlooplein and the Rokin - there is an international crowd hanging around. Though not the tourists with their big camera's, hiking boots and raised voices. At ROOMSERVICE - and Droog in general - you will run into everyone who is interested in art, design and innovation. Which makes it a clean and peaceful place in the morning and the perfect workplace in the afternoon.

The ROOMSERVICE cafe is part of Hotel Droog, a concept store that hosts a gallery, interior design shop, a cafe, a real one bedroom hotel and a fairy tale garden. - A garden in which my friend Paultje makes a pretty great fairy by the way. - As an Amsterdam citizen I am proud to have such a special place in our city. You find Hotel Droog and it's ROOMSERVICE at the Staalstraat 7B

Will you come and share a drink with me soon?

Enjoy your day!

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