Lord, do I take the spotlight in this post. But hey, as a blogger - or online influencer as people call me lately - I guess I am supposed to do so from time to time. Especially now that I have a new hair color going on, and everythàng.

My hair color is not the only thing about me that has been making progress. Or at least, I feel like it is a change for the better. You are free to not like it at all. 

The coming weeks will bring a lot of change and exciting times. The more cool projects I take on, the more my energy levels seem to rise. Resulting in the fact that people often warn me from talking too fast and bouncing around all day like I am a serious ADHD case. I am also facing some changes I did not hope for though, but with two photo shoots, my weekly radio column and three promising projects coming up this week I feel lucky. Maybe a little restless as patience is not my best characteristic. 

Anyway, today it is Easter Sunday. A time for family and friends, so I will be heading back to my parents home in Haarlem in an hour. A mandatory rest. As my family is not that traditional, we do not have the endless Easter brunches and Christmas dinners though. We mostly eat and drink wine. All good to me.

I am curious how you are spending this weekend. Are you spending it with your family or do you have other plans? 

Have a great day!

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