When I visited my favorite photography gallery LUMAS in Amsterdam lately, I was introduced to the work of Werner Pawlok. An incredible photographer who documenten decayed houses in Havanna, Cuba. The pictures have such beautiful color schemes, that I find it hard to believe that there is such beauty in a deserted place. I get an empty feeling by looking at these photographs, knowing that once, people actually lived in these spaces. Probably quite wealthy citizens, judging by the rich decoration and size of the rooms. I cannot help but wander what made them leave a fairytale like place like this.

And although I am quite cautious about decorating my own home in rich colors, I feel truly inspired by the green, blue and pink tones in these interiors. You can feel the energy of Havanna city, that once filled these rooms. One round of rum for me please! (I might sound like this afterwards though...)Anyway, my list of 8 favorite interiors and photographs by Werner Pawlok from top to bottom.

All works are made by Werner Pawlok. If you would like to see more of his work, there is a whole lot on his website. His work is for sale at the LUMAS gallery. My favorite gallery of all time, but I already told you that. :-)

Hope you are as inspired as I am. I might just go and save up for one of his works. 

Happy Wednesday!

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Ph. Credits Werner Pawlok and LUMAS gallery.

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