The lovely Team Peter Stigter captured the best street style looks at the first and second day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. Just before popping into the Said Mahrouf show they snapped me, wearing a FOA Oslo coat, Adidas sneakers and Polette Sambrodromo sunnies. Truth be told, the sun was not really out at that point. Actually, the first snowflakes fell just before this snap. But only a fool would let that stop her from wearing these amazing glasses right?

I got these sunnies at Polette's, a French online retailer in specs and sunglasses. Their lovely team asked me to test and review everything from ordering their products online to wearing them in daily life. Usually, I am not that keen on doing reviews, but this one I thought you might like

The concept of Polette is clear: cool and edgy frames / great quality standards / affordable prices. The brand is able to produce their products at low costs as they break up the chain of intermediates and offer a massive amount of frames online. That means that they control everything from production - in their own factories - to sales, leaving out expensive optics. Great news for a frame junky like me, as that the price level enables me to switch up my look with a different frame from time to time. 

I was really surprised by the magnitude of Polette's collection - more than 900 frames! - and actually browsed the whole website before I ordered these mirrored ones. Luckily, browsing sunnies turned out to be a great way to start a Saturday morning. ;-) The proces of ordering was actually quite simple and the glasses took about a week to arrive. I have already worn the frame a lot and can honestly say that the quality is nice! Which is exactly the reason I agreed to share this review with you. 

So if you are dying to get yourself a new pair of specs or sunnies, I recommend to check Polette's website. Tried and approved!

Today I will visit the shows of Barbara Langendijk and Tony Cohen, both cool and edgy labels. So make sure you follow me on Instagram (@jadepillar) or check out Fashion Week's website for the shows and some backstage pics

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Was echt super leuk om je weer te zien, we moeten snel weer even bijkletsen! Die bril merkte ik gister al op maar die is dus van Polette. Hij is heel erg vet! Leuke outfit trouwens ook en geniet van je weekend!


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