I am not sharing these artworks because I find them so beautiful, but somehow I they caught my attention. Broadway Augmented is a temporary and virtual public art project on Broadway in Sacramento, California. Eleven artist have designed public artworks on Broadway that can only be viewed in real time on an Apple or Android phone or tablet. How cool is that? 

These artworks are called Façades and are video diptyches inspired by the architecture of two restaurants: the Pho Bac Hoa Vietnamese restaurant and the Miso restaurant. The project explores the possibility of using their round windows, as the frame for the video image. When looking at the windows through your smart device, the interiors of the restaurants are altered versions of their own façade. By using video feedback and animated photographs, short video loops show the restaurants rotating. 

I love the idea of making augmented reality artworks, but have not yet discovered them in Amsterdam though. If I do, I wil definitely let you know.

Happy Tuesday!

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