Yesterday was my boyfriend's birthday, hence the silence on the blog. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that we planned to have dinner at Speijkervet with the family though. I always pass this restaurant on my way to the city, but had never really been there. I tried to reserve a place on a Friday night once, but as every table was booked I had no chance. I had heard the most amazing stories about Speijkervet's interior and food though, so I was really looking forward to this dinner. 

After sipping on our wines at the bar for twenty minutes, our table was ready. I decided to order a roe's pie and later on a pork loin roast. I guess this night proofed once and for all that I am so not a vegetarian on occasions like this. But as Speijkervet serves organic meat and works according to the head-to-tail-principle, which means that they use every part of the animal, I guess I felt less guilty about eating that much meat in one go. 

I have to say that both the pie and roast were amazing. The pie had a perfectly crisp crust that covered a classic stew that reminds me of the way my mother always makes it. I doubt if she could make the pork loin roast the way I ate it yesterday though, with its tender and perfectly cooked meat

I might love a piece of meat every once in a while, but as a fan of nicely cooked vegetables I kind of missed their presence. The veggies that were there - I reckon sweet potato, parsnip and a butter bean - were nice, but they could have been multiplied by a quantity of five. You will not hear me whine though, I guess I did not eat as well as I did yesterday in a long time. 

The restaurant's interior is classic and clean, a little bit French if you ask me. The place is quite big, bigger than you would expect it to be from the outside. There is no unnecessary decoration, just wooden tables, chairs and crisp white tablecloths. The big white walls could use a cool piece of art as they look pretty plain, but that is just my art loving heart speaking. The interior has a big city feel, with a touch of small town simplicity. The golden yellow ceilings give the place an extra art-deco look

Speijkervet is definitely a place you should visit. The food is nice, as well as the service and interior. And as it strives to serve organic food, produced in the region, Speijkervet earns a special place on my list of favorite restaurants. 

Have you visited Speijkervet yet?

Happy Thursday!

Images are the courtasy of Speijkervet

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