Let me introduce you to Anne Stokvis: the girl with the BOEF necklace in the picture and above all my amazingly smart and talented friend. Besides playing guitar like BB King himself, every Monday morning Anne is a radio host for Amsterdam FM's show Amsterdam Light. My favorite radio show to start off the week with actually, as it gives you a sneak peek into Amsterdam's packed agenda for the days to come. Further more, the show functions as a platform for young and upcoming artists, bands and other Amsterdam citizens that know their stuff. Pretty much for the same reason that I always like to show you what is on in the Dutch capital. 

As we think that Amsterdam Light and fit well together, Anne and I decided to team up today and have a little talk on the radio. So make sure you tune in on Amsterdam FM at 10 AM to learn which Amsterdam hotspots you should definitely visit soon. 

As my loyal readers though, you deserve to really be the first ones to know where it is at this week. So let me give you a little hint and show you two Amsterdams hotspots here and now:

- Visit the Mattijn Franssen exhibition now that it is still open for the public. Go to the No Man's Art Gallery for more info about Mattijn's masterpieces.

- Although it is just Monday, you cannot start early enough with making plans for the weekend. This Friday, the Singlefeestje posse will make you go crazy with their I-should-not-really-be-listening-to-these-hits-but-I-cannot-help-it-but-dance tunes at the Melkweg Amsterdam. Sweet!

Writing this actually makes me look forward to the weekend so much, but let us just kick off this Monday with a bang and listen to Amsterdam FM. See, I even made a little rhyme there. 

Are you tuning in at 10 AM to listen to Anne and a little interview with me?

Happy Monday!

Image by YARR.

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