While browsing the internet I stumbled upon this artwork from photographer Peter de Krom. I instantly loved the artworks vibe. A sea-view is always nice, but this radiates more than calmness. The piece is called Schatgraven, which is translated into English as Treasure Hunting. De Krom buried a box containing 1000 Euros at the Hoek van Holland beach in 2012 and invited a bunch of people to dig it up with their hands. Treasure hunting contests apparently date back to the '50s and '60s. A woeful lack in todays time, according to the artist and so he decided to organize his own contest. Finders keepers, right? 

To me, the people in the picture embody today's craving for money and willingness to do anything for it. Even if it is digging up a box with 1000 euros, in the company of 200 other people on the beach. On the other hand, it shows people's hope to hit that loaded piggy bank at one point. Either if it is the lottery or a box of guilders on the beach. I must admit that I also have a subscription to the state lottery and hopefully check my numbers after a lottery draw every 10th of the month. I guess having hope makes us human.

Peter de Krom is a young artist based in Hoek van Holland. Clicking through his portfolio made me realize that Schatgravers indeed is a Peter de Krom signature work. I find his artworks funny and they somehow make you conscious of the human animal species. With an emphasis on animal species as the works force us to see ourselves in a contemplative way. We are just human. And really, what the hell are we doing most of the time?

Happy Friday!

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Image by Peter de Krom.

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