Meet my friends from Amsterdam-Noord: the skeleton crew. I have been hanging with these peeps lately and having loads of fun. Last week, we and a bunch of other people were having a secret rave when they made me smoke a sigaret. Such a badass crew. So when me and my friend Hadewych were shooting at the NDSM-werf, we thought we should capture them on a photograph. They look cool right? :p

Today I plan to visit the UNSEEN photo fair in the Westerpark. After that I will be cheering for my guy when he finishes the Dam tot Damloop in Zaandam. In between I will be chilling a lot, since I am suffering from a mild concussion. I guess my sporty attitude lately is getting the best of me..

Anyway, what are your plans for today? Because do not forget: it is Sunday Funday!

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I am wearing a NOTICE skirt, lookalike DMs and a Urban Outfitters shirt. 

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  1. babe I love your writing and creative outfits every time. awesome to see my hometown in pictures on your blog and the thought of visiting it during Christmas excites me. For now Sunday fun day! I will be out exploring this island, because it might be small, there is yet so much more to discover! Keep up the great work and check on you soon =) Take care with your concussion!

    XO from Malta,

    1. Hi Bibiche, thank you so much for your lovely comment. Means a lot to hear that you are enjoying my blog. I have checked yours and gosh, you have some beautiful pictures on there. Malta looks beautiful! So nice that you are visiting Amsterdam for Christmas though. (Still feels a little strange that we are already discussing Christmas..Time goes fast!) Hope you had a great weekend exploring the island. Happy Monday and talk to you soon.


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