The invention of new production methods is about to overthrow the (design) market as we know it. We are no longer dependent on the supply of goods, we can produce them ourselves. It might still seem a little unreal, but the developments that will make our futures radically different are evolving. Take 3D printing for example. We have all heard the story that you can print your own gun. But really, how many of us are interested in that? We are far more interested in printing our own art and design pieces that make our environment a little prettier, rather than anything that has to do with violence. Dutch designer Joris Laarman came up with the design for the Bits & Parts chair. A modern looking chair, that reminds us of the famous Eames chair. The only difference is that you can print this chair yourself. At home. At least if you own a 3D printer.

The Joris Laarman Lab is based in Amsterdam and is an experimental playground, where creative and technical minds work on new possibilities for technology to enter the field of art and design. Their Bits & Parts project is one of those project which I am sure marks a turning point in design and consumer/production history. Their Maker Chair is kind of a puzzle, literally. After downloading the format and printing out the pieces, you are left with a bunch of puzzle pieces that form an actual chair when put together. Except for the price of the 3D printer, the price of printing this design chair is exceptionally low: a little under 30 euros. 

I find this development so interesting and cannot wait to print one my own. Or maybe better, develop one myself! :p More about this and other innovative projects are featured in the (Dutch) tv show Tegenlicht. For all the English speaking readers though, a lot of this documentary is in English.

What do you think about these technological developments?

Happy Thursday!

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