I have been wearing more and more feminine clothes lately. Especially below the knee skirts - both loose and tight fitted - have got my attention. Same goes for plastic and silver colored accessories. I guess the hype around the Normcore trend is not for me. I have spend my life finding the courage to wear anything I want, that I just can not bear making an effort to blend in with the crowd again. A girl needs a sparkle in her life!

So when I received a Zara giftcard, this silver skirt was a no-brainer. Last week, I wore it with a tight black top and my all-time favorite black jacket. A first experiment, because after wearing it for multiple days, I found that the skirt looks much better when dressed down with an oversized top. So maybe Normcore is not all bad. The separate items are perfect to dress down a skirt like this. 

My attic is filled with sparkly items, that I normally only wear around Christmas. Can not wait to get them out of their dust bags, so prepare for a lot of sparkle on the blog next season. 

What are your favorite trends in fashion at the moment? 

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Oh, ik had je blog al zo lang niet gezien door de vakantie, wat is je haar gaaf ( !!!!!!! )


    1. Hi Mariska, al een tijdje niet gesproken inderdaad. Heb je een leuke vakantie gehad? Mijn haar is ondertussen inderdaad blond, blonder, platinum haha. x

  2. Oh you look awesome! Hahaha, norm core isn't really my thing either... I'd much rather wear outfits like these!


    1. A sparkle here and there just makes us girls happy. :-) Luckily, normcore isn't the only trend this season. x

  3. Super gaaf! En je haar past er perfect bij! LOVE it!! <3


  4. Reacties
    1. Thanks! Deze is van de ZARA, maar die van Asos in het plaatje onder de post is ook super mooi. Ook van plan om hem te kopen? :-) x


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