Last week, I was introduced to the prelaunch of the new IKEA collection at the SkyLounge Amsterdam. As a neophyte homeowner, I have travelled up and down to IKEA a whole lot the last couple of months. Proofing itself to be a true lifesaver. I had to put myself on a tight budget though, as I always somehow end up buying more than I need. But we managed to take it slow the last couple of months. And I am glad we did. Because browsing through the new catalogue, I have already seen a few items that I - did not know I - need. 

As I attended the press meeting, I can tell you a little bit about the innovative ideas IKEA is playing with and will showcase this year. There will be a collaboration with fashion label Acne Studios, which I know a lot of you will love. - Definitely saving up for that one. - But the street art that we have seen in so many fashion collections already, is also making its way through to interior design. Natural materials are also big right now, so IKEA made sure to add a whole line of natural products to the collection. Think wood, bamboo, and so forth. Add a few collaborations with upcoming Scandinavian designers and the range of products gets even bigger.

As a sucker for innovation, I was pleasantly surprised that the new catalogue has an interactive character. When scanning some of the pages, you get to see a video with ideas of how to use a certain space. The IKEA app even takes its first steps into the world of augmented reality. Using the app, you are able to check out how a certain piece of furniture will look in your apartment. Hooray for technology.

Today, you will receive the new catalogue and I am curious if you are just as enthusiastic as I am. Or maybe the press meeting has just infected me with the IKEA virus. ;-)

Have a great Monday!

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Images by IKEA.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Floor, mooie foto's. Maar wat zit je haar leuk op die foto bij de CC in de Kinkerstraat (daar zit ik ook vaak) Staat je echt heel goed. Doet mij denken aan Joyce van MyDubio.
    Groetjes Carla (van het blogevent)

    1. Hi Carla, dank je wel. IKEA heeft voor mooie beelden gezorgd. :-) Mijn haar is inderdaad een stuk blonder. Na m'n vakantie was het nu of nooit, dus het perfecte moment voor een experiment. Ik zag dat jij je blog online hebt staan? Super leuk dat het gelukt is! Zie je in september bij de prijsuitreiking in VA. x


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