Last week, I was invited to a special blogger event at the Mauritshuis in The Hague. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it, as I am shaking everything I have at Lowlands festival this thursday. - Who said anything about complaining? - As I felt so honored to be asked to participate alongside 14 other bloggers in their first blogger campaign, I decided to still write about the original contest the Mauritshuis launched. Because it might not be your average price, but the price is grand.

You probably know the famous Girl With a Pearl Earring painting, by Johannes Vermeer. I guess we all do. Not many of us are such fans though, that we travel around the world to see the painting in every exhibition it is in. New York based Shin Ichi does and always wished that the painting could be his one day. Unfortunately for Shin, the painting is - and will probably always be - owned by the Mauritshuis. To celebrate the reopening of the museum, the Mauritshuis came up with a solution to fulfill this super fan's dream though. They rebuilt Shin's living room in one of the chambers of the museum and hung the famous painting in that room. The only thing left to do was to invite Shin over for a nice and relaxed day in his own home. With the original painting hanging on his walls.

So why am I telling you all this? First of all, because I think it is great for such a famous and established museum to embrace the cosmopolitan and digital age and start such an original campaign. Second of all, because I would love for you to participate too. All you have to do is print out a copy of the painting and photograph it in your home. Sounds easy, but making a great picture of my living room with the Girl With a Pearl Earring painting in it appeared to be much harder than I thought. And as it has been standing on my dining room table for a week now, I decided to just capture it there. It apparently is the best place for it at my home. 

Curious of how the painting will suit your home. 

More information about the contest is to be found at the Facebook page of the Mauritshuis. Or just watch this video to get a glimpse of Shin Ichi and his New York home in The Hague. 

Happy Friday!

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