If you have the same love for art and the same budget for it as I do, you are probably saving up for your first or second really good piece at the moment. Good art does not come cheap, which means that your walls can stay awfully white for a very long time. And we do not want that. While saving up for that master piece, there are DIY solutions to break up the wall for the time being though. These DIYs from A Beautiful Mess, Emma Dime and Design Sponge are super easy and changeable to taste. And the great thing is that you are not violating anyones intellectual property rights by doing this. Because those blown up pictures that are secretly owned by an amazing artist are for those who do not understand the problem. Right?

The first one is probably the easiest, but it gives a nice graphic effect. The key is to find a poster you like and strategically attach it to the wall, using colored tape. The composition can not go wrong when taking a black and white picture and any color of tape you want - like it is done in the picture above -, but some experimenting might lead to other great applications of the idea. Think triangles, colored pictures, taping over the sides of the picture and so forth.

To make the second one, you only need a canvas, paint and your own stamp. To make the stamp, just cut a pattern out of rubber using a cutter. I would recommend to paint the canvas in white first. This might seem crazy as the canvas is white itself, but I assure you it makes a great difference. When the white layer - or actually any color you like, but place it over the white layer - has dries, stamp a clean pattern across the canvas. 

Using an overhead projector, there is no limit to what image you can translate to a wall. Laura used a golden moon, which is a great way to make a statement. After printing the moon image on transparency film, she projected it on the wall and outlined it with paint. The only thing left to do was filling in the blanks.

I think these ideas are amazing and I might just try the first two soon. What is your favorite art wall DIY?

Ps. The first DIY looks really good with a Joelle Boers cushion (1 & 2). :-)

Happy Thursday!

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