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The fact that we are approaching July, means that Fashion Week is coming closer by the day. I was happily surprised when the Fashion Week team presented this year's schedule. Iris van Herpen is back, featuring my favorite choreographer of all time: Nanine Linning. Furthermore, I am so excited for the collaboration between Bregje Cox and Joelle Boers. Two young designers, that I started following a little while ago. They are both into geometrics and fresh looking prints, which give their clothes a modern and arty feel. I also love the fact that the clothes are made with care for the environment. Something that still is a rarity right now, but in my opinion will inevitably be the standard production method in the future. 

The collection will be presented at the Fashionclash festival, June 13, first. I will unfortunately not be able to make it, but I reckon it is a must see event for everyone interested in talent and innovation. And it seems like dancing and fashion are finding each other more and more, as not only Nanine Linning is collaborating with Iris van Herpen (for the 2nd time) but the Nederlandse Dansdagen is partnering the Fashionclash festival. And I guess those two are good together. 

Really curious about which collaborations or parts of the Fashion Week program excite you. Did you take a look already?

Enjoy your day!

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