We all know Andy Warhol's Marilyns and soup cans so well. Unless you can get your hands on a real Warhol, I guess not many of us will still put up one of these images in our homes. We have seen them too much. Somehow, Roy Lichtenstein's artworks - or Lichtenstein inspired artworks - still have my attention. They radiate that 50's/60's vibe and almost always feature beautiful women. When I spotted these art works blown up at wall size in these pictures I was sold. As we are decorating our bedroom, I am looking for art to brighten the walls. I would have never thought to go back to pop art once again, but am seriously doubting whether or not to go for a giant size pop art wall painting. 

I guess it is funny to see how trends in interior design are often a bit behind the trends in fashion. As for example Philip Lim designed a pop art collection in 2012. Nobody is wearing those Kapow shirts anymore, and I guess this interior design trend is one to pass too. That does not make it any less fun though. I will report my art home journey by collecting inspirational pieces on one of my Pinterest boards

Is a pop art, art wall something you would like to try?

Happy Thursday!

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