I always try to make an effort in the morning when it comes to picking my clothes. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons, fashionable wize, as they allow me to wear my leather jacket and shorts at the same time. As yesterday was the first real Summer day this year, I faced the ever returning challenge: What to wear on a hot Summer's day? Out of desperation I wore my Birks, leather shorts and a striped tee. Not too bad you would think, but in real life this outfit was way too boring. Especially since I decided to wrap my hair in a top bun and provide my skin with shiny - but oh so necessary - sunscreen. 

As I allow myself five wildcards a year - days on which I think looking fabulous is just not attainable - I bet my first one yesterday. That means there are only four wildcards left and a long and hot Summer to go. I clearly need some fashionable Summer solutions. Outfits that are sweat proof and easy to put on. Some browsing on the internet boiled down to these five tips, that I will illustrate by the outfit inspiration below. Happy Summer dressing!

The cool and budget friendly alternative to the often so dull shirt-dress. Combine it with leather shorts or, if it is long enough, wear it as a dress. Make sure the fabric is light and do not dwell on the size. Go at least two sizes up on what you would normally wear and celebrate the shirt's boxiness. Add a cool heel or clunky sandals to finish your look and make it you. This easy breezy look is going to be one of my favorites this summer!

The second dress in a row, that you should own. Normally, I am not that into dresses but I guess Summer does strange things to people. A dress is just so damn easy. You only have to pick one item in the morning and you are on your way to awesomeness. A T-shirt dress might be the absolute easiest and one of the coolest ways to act like you own Summer in the city. I prefer one at ankle length, as it gives that jersey outfit just a little extra. Black boots or flashy sneakers make this outfit even more urban and desirable. 

I have to admit that in the beginning of Summer, I always have to get used to showing some skin. Is my body fit enough to show some midriff in a crop top? Do my arms look big in a sleeveless shirt? And are my legs Summer proof yet? I ask myself these questions, every year. No matter if my body does or does not look great at that point. Therefore, I decided that fitness is also just a state of mind and there is no harm showing some skin. Not too much of course, as we want to keep it classy, but I guess we all need some encouragement to just wear that short dress!

This one might seem a little odd, when it is that hot outside. Layering is a great way though to add some air to your outfit, while making surprisingly original combinations at the same time. Wear a lace bra under or over a shirt or throw on a lace kimono. Layering is the way to experiment with your look all the way through Summer.

Are these tips just not for you? At least make sure to own some statement footwear and a great pear of sunglasses. Give the simplest dress and a classic short a fashionable twist by wearing striking boots, heels, sandals or whatever and add a little Hollywood by flaunting your quirky sunglasses. This Summer is yours!


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  1. Wat een stoere outfits heb je uitgekozen ,erg leuk!


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