I have seen this article pop up everywhere and after one year of blogging, I think I owe you a little more information about who I am, what I do and - mostly - about random things I like. Because isn't that how you get to know people best? So here we go!

1. Besides being a fashion blogger, I actually have a full time job as a political scientist and strategic communications consultant at a company called &MAES. We have the loveliest office and colleagues and I am so happy to be working there for over two years already.

2. I am more addicted to (online) shopping than I would like to admit to. I find myself loading my chart in those in between hours a little too often. 

3. Yes, among my current favorite songs are 'Wrecking ball' from Miley Cirus and 'Roar' from Katy Perry.

4. I started an art organization called Vers Vlees 020 almost two years ago with my friend Anne. We get to play art agent and meet so many cool artists and other creatives living in this city. Due to my recent move and Anne's bachelor thesis we are laying low for now, but we will definitely be back in 2014! If you like art and live in Amsterdam, join us. I would love to meet you at one of our events one day!

5. As a true coffee addict - Jeez..that is my second addiction in this list already - I was mortified when I learned that drinking coffee caused me migraines. I stopped drinking coffee for a few weeks, but now that I got used to the term of 'decaf' I am drinking it as much as I did before. 

6. You already know that I just bought I house, but did you know that I share it with my boyfriend Bram? Could not be happier that we found our own little dream home in Amsterdam.

7. I used to sing a lot in bands a few years ago. But when I started working after college, I pretty much gave up on that. Only recently I have started singing again and now I take care of the backing vocals for A.DAM. The band I told you about earlier this week.

6.Oh..and did you already know that I used to sing in HIT!? A band for kids in the age of 8-10? Still snigger when I think about that time.

7. I actually watch a lot of - what other people call - crap on TV. Especially MTV series like 'Awkward' and a few years back 'The Hills'. 

8. I love to cook! I read a lot of recipes - my current favorite food blog is Food 52 - but I always give a dish my own twist. That might result in something that is out of this world, but it might also result in a complete disaster. And as I always forget to write down my recipes, I am starting from scratch every day.

9. I just have to know what is going on in the world. The more information, the better. 

10. As I believe that if you work hard, you can accomplish anything I am always busy following my dreams. Although it can be pretty exhausting from time to time, I really think you should follow your dreams too! I assure you that it is fun! 

11. I feel truly happy when I am strolling around Amsterdam. Especially De 9 Straatjes are my favorite place for a Sunday stroll.

12. I love to spend my weekends with my friends and family. But due to my busy schedule I always feel like I should see them more often.

13. Although I should do it more often, I love to go dancing with my friends. My current favorite place to show my moves is Club NYX

14. Besides watching crap and the news bulletin on TV, I also love to watch a whole season of Homeland, Borgen, Game of Thrones, Sex and the City or one of the many other cool series out there back to back. Especially when it is rainy and cold outside. 

15. I love photography. And I love that my blog forces me to practice at least every other day. Besides doing fashion photography, I also love to shoot random stuff like abandoned stairways. (See the picture above) So happy that my favorite gallery has opened its doors in Amsterdam. If you love photography too, you should definitely visit Lumas

16. Although I am pretty organized when it comes to work, I can be a super chaotic when I am at home. Much to the regret of my Boyfriend and former housemates. :p

17. I talk in my sleep. I often ask my Boyfriend what he would like to eat or tell him some other random stuff.

18. If you happen to run into me in the street, I am probably wearing biker boots. 

19. Although I own a closet full of heels...

20. My favorite holiday's are city trips. Berlin, Paris or Barcelona, I like them all! Our next trip is probably going to be New York. Although a 'real' holiday to Thailand is high on our bucket list too.

21. Although I love festivals like Lowlands, I hate the obligatory camping. 

22. My favorite movie of all time is a movie about Frida Kahlo, a Mexican - and my favorite - artist, starring Salma Hayek and the beautiful music of Elliot Goldenthal.

23. I have a weak spot for gadgets. Especially when it comes to photography and beauty. My current craving is the Visapure, an electronic brush to clean your skin. 

24. I also have a weak spot for boyish clothes. I love to dress up in boyfriend fit and pencil striped pants, a loose shirt and  brogues. Makes me feel relaxed and confident.

25. The last one! I really love loud guitar music. Give me a band, beer and some hard rock and I am happy camper! ;-)

Would love to know some random facts about you! What is your favorite music, food or guilty pleasure?

Happy Friday!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk artikel!! Ik zat er ook al mee in mijn hoofd na het gelezen te hebben op thischicksgotstyle;)

    1. Hey Mariska! Die heb ik ook gezien inderdaad. Grappig om te zien hoe iedereen zijn eigen facts opschrijft. :-)

  2. Oh te toevallig ik moet die film over Frida voor school kijken, ben erg benieuwd!



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