There is something about wearing bomber jackets. Especially when they are from the men's department. I had been searching for the perfect green bomber jacket for a while already, but found that most women's versions were too short and girly. When I bumped into this Carhartt bomber at my boyfriends favorite store Bask├Ęts though, I knew it was the one. It is perfectly oversized, big enough to wear knits underneath and just a little boyish. The jacket is way to hot for now, but I can totally see myself wearing it with my Docs, skinny jeans and a hat. Oh and with boyfriend jeans, heels and a beanie... And...pretty much everything in my closet. The only thing I am waiting for now are those cold winter days! 

Are you already stacking up winter wear?

Happy Monday!

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PS. These pics were taken by my friend That Girl From Amsterdam. She has got some big news to share, so keep an eye on her blog the next couple of weeks. 

Shop your bomber here!

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