When I visited the KunstRAI about two weeks ago, I was introduced to a lot of new artists. Or at least, they were new to me. One of those artists was Wim Claessen. His paintings attracted me as they are so calm and beautifully colored. Nothing too crazy, just muted grey tones and endless sight. There was a whole array of photographs and paintings of typically American style landscapes on show, but somehow these paintings attracted me more. I like them, as they are not typically American and leave something for imagination. I guess a little abstraction never hurts. The graphic shapes, but especially the colors, add to the calm and abstract feel, that kind of makes me think of classic landscapes of the old masters. I would not mind having one of these paintings on display in my home. If I could only afford it...

Today I am conduction the last assignment for the Blogtoday x Villa Arena contest, because I made it to the finals! Whoop! Let's pray it all goes well.

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Ph. credits: Wim Claessen

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