Hello from Greece! I am uploading this post from the bar near our hotel, with an amazing view over a lake. I promised my boyfriend to skip blogging for the time we are here, but I can not help but uploading the last Villa Arena x Blogtoday assignment today. We were asked to create a mood board, containing a concept for the inspiration square in the mall's atrium. The square is the first thing people see, when they enter Villa Arena and functions as the perfect display of products from the broad variety of shops in the mall. Furthermore, it has to trigger and inspire people to think out of the box and be creative with the furniture they buy. As the stylist told us that the inspiration square resembles a living room most of the time, I thought that it would be nice to shake that up. I decided to create an industrial, yet cosy and summery bedroom that contains all the elements one needs in order to start their day in style. 

As we are in the middle of Summer, especially now that I am enjoying temperatures of about 30 degrees, I was inspired by industrial bedrooms. The ones that you can find in houses in the alternative, but cool suburbs of the big city. The ones that have enormous windows and endless concrete floors. On a black and white canvas, blue, green and red elements stand out. The place radiates calmness in a city that is up and running 24-7, all year long. It is the perfect place to drink your morning coffee, flip through some magazines and get ready for Sunday Funday. 

If I would get the chance to translate this concept to the Villa Arena inspiration square, I would love to place big sea blue, industrial window on the square. Resembling the window of the bedroom. I would place a big bed in the middle of the 'room', preferably white with a colorful woolen quilt from the Woonfabriek. A few big lamps, like the ones from MijnWoonwinkel.nl as shown in the mood board, would strengthen the room's industrial look. One a white wall, a whole ray of artworks are to be placed. Both hanging on the wall and standing on the ground. My current obsession with cacti would get a place too, as they are placed on a vintage cabinet, along with other curiosities. 

A bedroom also needs a chair, either to sit on or to throw on your clothes if you are not in a mood to hang them on a rack properly. Villa Arena got a lot of beautiful chairs, but I would go for either this butterfly chair or a simple black or white, wooden number. A stack of magazines would function as a side table and a small kitchenette from Bruynzeel keukens would be the last necessary addition in order to be able to set a cup of coffee in this kick-ass bedroom in the morning. 

I would not mind waking up in a place like this and I hope it will inspire a bunch of people to vote for my mood board on the website from Villa Arena this week. (You can vote from tomorrow morning)

I am off to the beach now. See you soon!


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Ph credits: The pictures are a mix of my own (shot in Villa Arena) and various Pinterest account. I am sorry to say that I cannot derive their original creator from here, but I promise I will still do so when I get back from my holiday.

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  1. Wauw wat leuk dat je in Griekenland bent, lekker genieten. Mooie foto's heb je weer bij elkaar gezocht <3

    1. Thanks! En genieten doe ik hier zeker. :-) Heb je toevallig al gestemd? Zou er heel blij mee zijn, want ik lig al flink achter zie ik... En mocht je je vrienden ook willen laten stemmen dan natuurlijk heeel graag haha!


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