Lately I have been pinning like crazy. Not for cash, but on Pinterest. Somehow, I have totally discovered this medium and am becoming a true addict if I do not stop myself. I catch myself thinking when browsing the web: "Is this really Pinnable?" Resulting in the fact that my Pinterest boards have matured at the speed of a teenage girl growing up. I am keeping it simple when it comes to my categories though. I am mainly pinning beautiful homes (both monochrome and colorful), inspirational outfits (also monochrome and colorful), my own style, quotes and modern art. What adds to the addiction is the fact that people are starting to repin my pins. Can it get any better in online terms? 

I know I am a little late when it comes to discovering Pinterest. I guess my account was live for a couple years already, but with no boards to show. My newly discovered love for Pinterest forces me to re-evaluate my social media channels. I mean, there are just 24 hours in one day. - Can anyone resolve that problem yet? - Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter are my definite favorites, while Facebook is growing more and more into becoming their neglected sister. Or brother. Or whatever is politically correct. Storyline is that I apparently am more interested in what goes on in the world of people I do not know, than in the world of people I do know. I am enjoying the world of the Avant-garde, while I could not care less about my friend's cat being sick. A little strange maybe, but I blame it all on the information overload. I want to choose which information I get to see, instead of being forced to read about the details of everyones life. And although it might be different for you, I mainly choose to check out inspirational things. Art, columns and people I admire (style wize or in a different way). Pinterest is perfect for that, especially for checking out inspirational images. For more substantive information I still turn to my newspaper, magazines and am discovering Blendl

Anyway, I listed a few of my favorite Pinterest images above. I would love for you to check out my Pinterest boards and tell me what you think. Please show me your Pinterest account in return, I can not wait to discover them. 

Happy Wednesday!

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Ps. All pictures above can be found on my Pinterest. ;-)

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