The temperatures in Amsterdam promise to raise to tropical degrees this weekend, starting today. Although the city is great, the parks just do not cut it for me when it is this hot. Remember when Carry and her friends from SATC - together with all New Yorkers - escaped the heat to party in the Hamptons? Well, that is exactly what Amsterdam citizens do when the weather gets too hot for elegant summer dresses and perfectly blow-dried hair. Amsterdam's city beaches are life saviors at that point. And although they pop up like crazy over the past years, I still enjoy good old Blijburg aan zee. It well deserves a spot on the Amsterdam Hotspot list.

Blijburg aan zee, city beach at the very tip of IJburg. 

I have never been to Ibiza, but I guess the vibe is Ibiza-like. The beach pavilion is colorful and shabby chique, buying hand made bracelets will kost you a fortune and at sundown there are bonfires and people with guitars. Of all of Amsterdam's city beaches, this is the best holiday substitute. You are allowed to flaunt your cool Summer look on the terrace, but taking a dive when it gets too hot will make you feel no less of an in-crowd. As long as you end your day with a Corona, you are fine.

The young, the hip and actually all of Amsterdam. Place your bath towel strategically to ensure some peace and quiet. That means no hanging too close to the water, think of all the kids building sand castles and pointing their water guns at you, but you should also not hang at the very back of the beach in the loose sand as you will surely be sandblasted all afternoon. Place your towel in a crowd you feel similar too and you are fine. 

Blijburg is part of IJburg and is located at the very tip of this island. You can get there by car, although not many of you will have one, by bike or by tram. I prefer taking the tram (26 from Central Station), as it is the quickest and less strenuous way to get there. Unless you like riding your bike for about an hour in the burning heat.

I guess I will be working for most of the weekend, but if I get the chance I will definitely try to check out Blijburg. What are your plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday!

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