Verwoest Huis Op Noord Marjan Teeuwen KunstRAI 2014

The KunstRAI is one of those events that I always get excited about. It is the perfect overview of what is going on in the art world, the perfect spot to find out what issues artists are engaged in and a nice opportunity to identify emerging trends. I have seen a lot of great works, and I would like to elaborate on a few of them. I will do so in the upcoming weeks, as there are too many works to be discussed in one post. Today, I am presenting you the work of Marjan Teeuwen: Verwoest Huis Op Noord/ Destroyed House In North (2013/2014). An architectural/ photography project in the North side of Amsterdam.

For this unusual and original art project, the artist was able to demolish and rebuild one portico house in Amsterdam North. She broke down walls, sagged floors and rebuilt the house with all of the materials that were demolished in the first place. Doors and and drywalls were cut to the size Teeuwen had in mind for them and piled up to become an installation on their own. It is not like Teeuwen leaves anything to chance, she carefully plans and draws the whole thing in advance.The newly created installation is then immortalized on a photograph. A photograph with strong lines and an interesting hint of abstraction. 

Teeuwen's work is displayed in the Galerie Nouvelles Images in The Hague, but as the house is still open for the public until June 22, I was encouraged to visit it in real life. I will definitely do so, as I am really intrigued by this project. It is not only about a strong piece of photography, it is about the bigger picture. About the history of the house, the creation of something new with the old and the expiration date of things. Avro Kunstuur made a nice episode about this art project. It is in Dutch, but the images speak for themselves. 

You can visit the portico house on the 
Wieringenwaardstraat 50-55, 1024 HC in Amsterdam. Promise to let me know if you went? 

Curious if you are planning to visit the KunstRAI this weekend!

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  1. Wat leuk, dat je hier naar toe bent geweest! Ik wil het nog steeds gaan bekijken, het lijkt me heel mooi.


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