pool slides trend spring summer 2014

pool slides trend spring summer 2014

When Vogue told us a little over a month ago that pool slides are the new Birckenstocks, I was not really that surprised. Shocked maybe, but not because chunky and unattractive footwear is something new. After the Balenciaga boots, Birckenstocks and Adidas Superstar's, pool slides are just their logical successor. I was a little shocked though, because I truly liked the chunky footwear that we were allowed to wear the past years. Until now. Maybe it is just me, but I feel like the pool slides are taking the trend over the edge. It is like there was nothing else ugly left and so we chose to go with the one thing that is not supposed to be fashionable: Your father's slippers. I get it, I get it. It is the anti-fashion element that makes it fashion. But still.. I do not think that I will get used to wearing these plastic shoes. If they are even to be called shoes.

Anyway, I do feel like I have to make an attempt to get it. Not to like it, but to get why people are wearing them. Because lots of us do. And lots of us with great style do too. Take the Olsen twins for example. They were snapped last week wearing flip flops with - and I really mean this - grey socks in them. Several big fashion channels asked their selves the question if this was a slip of the Olsen fashion tongue. Well, I am sure it was not. Because a) those girls pick out their outfits carefully and b) although the socks in slippers combo was voted a fashion faux-pas just last year, we have seen this combo entering the fashion scene once again. For example in Hasse Nielsen's editorial for S/S/A/W magazine. (See pics below.) I will even add a more sarcastic note. Why would they both choose to wear their socks-in-slides if they would not try to make a statement?

pool slides trend spring summer 2014
pool slides trend spring summer 2014

Looking at these pictures makes me understand what my problem with this trend is though. It is the fact that the artistry that radiates from the editorial shoot above, does not fully reach its potential when worn in real life. While the Balenciaga's and Bircks are so good, because they are balancing on the edge of though and bumbling, these pool slides are just bumbling. Especially when worn with socks. While the Balenciaga's and Bircks make you look like a million dollars,  these pool slides will make you look like you went dumpster diving. So, while I understand and truly get this editorial from an artistic point of view, I do not get those who are unthinkingly copying it in order to make it a full blown trend. And did you notice that the Olsen's actually do not wear slides, but their old fashioned Bircks? ;-)

What I do like about these pool slides though, is the fact that they make us think about fashion. Is fashion the artistic process of creating an amazing editorial or is it also about copying the editorials to daily wear? I am not sure about the last one and I think that this is where fashion differs from style. Because even I - someone who is clearly not that into pool slides - have to admit that it all comes down to originality and authenticness. Still not a fan, but Christine from Fash 'n Chips comes a long way. 

pool slides trend spring summer 2014

 Curious of your view on this though. 

Are pool slides just a fashion statement or are they more than that? And maybe even more interesting...Do you plan on wearing them?

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Ik ben het helemaal met je eens, vind het ook echt niks haha. I guess dat ik het maar gewoon bij mijn beloved Birkenstocks hou :D

    xxx Saranda
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