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Okay, so who recognizes the sudden cravings for a particular piece of clothing? I have always had a weakness for boyfriend denim (exhibit ab, c and d), but lately I have been craving a black version. As I try to shop less, or actually really contemplate wether or not I need an item for once, I have been able to stop those cravings in an early stage. - This sudden state of fashion rational is a necessary element of my austerity policy by the way, due to my recent house shopping. - Anyway, I was able to stop it until I saw a perfect one in the H&M winter sale. Black, baggy and in full length. You understand that I could not resist. So the black denim is on its way. Being my first delivery in the new house. Whoop! If that is not worth celebrating, I do not know what is. ;-)

Furthermore I am so looking forward to the holidays. Eating, sleeping and dressing up in my sparkliest clothes. I can not wait! I have not really thought about what I am going to wear yet to our Christmas dinner and New Years Eve party though. 

So I am really curious if you have already found the perfect ensemble to rock those nights?

Have you caved in to the sale yet?
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Ben benieuwd naar je broek!! Ik stel het sale shoppen uit tot 8 januari. Dan begint de crazyness hier in Parijs:)

    1. Slim. Hoor altijd de beste verhalen over de Parijse sale. :-)

  2. Black denim is de beste combi ooit!

    liefs Mireille

  3. Hi!
    I've Been out of touch for a while!
    Saw the headline about black denim, which due to a pair of ankle boots i have that makes me feel I need skinny black denim jeans to go with them...
    Well your headline got my attention!

    Congrats on your new house!
    Looking forward to enjoying your blog regular like again, if I can keep up with everything I will!

    Best wishes!

    1. Hi Anne,
      So great to hear from you. It's been a long time indeed. Hope you are doing well. And did you find that denim already? Mine is on its way, so I hope to wear it soon. Black denim is the best! ;-)


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