Checks, checks, checks. Everywhere I look I see checks. Yes, that is exactly what I told you a few weeks ago, but it seems like this trend is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Not that I mind, because I love checks. And as Zara has finally reopened its doors here in Amsterdam, there are plenty checks to be found in the city. With so many checks within range, the big question is though: Which checks should you shop? Because you clearly do not want to end up looking like your grandpa, your crazy aunt , or the village idiot. Although the last one is coming pretty close to being fashionable, wearing his dungarees and checks. If only he would have just done it right..

Anyway, we are going for a different look. I am thinking Mode Junkie and PS by Dila. Feeling their perfect balance between preppy and rock & roll. Because composing the perfect plaid outfit is a bit like making sweet & sour sauce: balance is key. Too much sugar, your going to miss that kick. Too much sour will mess up you dish in a flinch. Or outfit in this case. I have not mastered the art of making sweet & sour sauce perfectly yet, but I keep trying. Just as I keep trying to find the perfect plaid item to add to my wardrobe.

Luckily Trine, one of my favorite bloggers, came up with this list a while ago. And it has been my plaid guide ever since. As I did not come up with it myself, I hesitated to share it with you. But as I feel that you deserve the best of the web and of fashion, I realized that this list is a true must read. I am just dying for the Cheap Monday shirt and pants. Combined with the Vans slip-ons this might just be a brilliant match or a total disaster. Curious of what is your favorite checked item though, so here it is: THE LIST!

1. SHIRT Cheap Monday – 2. SKIRT Topshop – 3. PANTS Gina Tricot – 4. PANTS Cheap Monday – 5. JACKET Ganni – 6. SHOES Vans – 7. SCARF Topshop – 8. VEST Wonhundred – 9. DRESS Ganni – 10. BLAZER Gina Tricot – 11. CLUTCH Esprit – 12. PANTS J. Crew - 13. SCARF Zara– 14. WALLET Asos – 15. TRENCH COAT Topshop

Happy checked Tuesday!

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