As you probably know, we (me & the BF) have bought a house recently. And although we still feel like we are dreaming Gosh I am starting to sound like one of those couples that I used to hate..  and someone will soon wake us up harshly, we should really start planning 'the move'. Us moving in to our new home seems like a piece of cake, but I know it will probably not be. Let's start with the styling part. Although we pretty much have the same taste, we clearly have our differences. We both love white, wood and flowers, but boy are there so many different takes on that theme! 

The evidence is to be found in the pictures above. As pic number 1 is my ideal home, the boy has fallen for number 2. He thinks I am cold, I think he would secretly love to live in a jungle. The key question is: How are we supposed to meet in the middle? Should we both give in and risk a hodgepodge - love that word - or should we go with just one or the other? Let's just be honest. We all have been dreaming of buying a house somewhere in the future and decorate it all to your own taste. Right? And although we have probably all imagined us living there with our partner - OMG - we never thought that they would have a say in home decor too. Hmm..

Our solution? Like probably 1000 other couples we are visiting a home design fair this weekend. Hoping to find, next to our civility, some inspiration. :-)

What is your favorite style in home decor?
Happy Thursday!

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  1. Lijkt me inderdaad best lastig om helemaal over de inrichting uit te komen. Ik kan niet echt kiezen tussen de foto's. Beide heel mooi :)

    1. Hi Janne! Heel lastig haha! Maar ook leuk hoor. Maar duidelijk: voor nu staan mijn vriend en ik nog gelijk... Ben benieuwd naar de volgende comment! :-)


  2. Hele mooie foto's en wat heb je een ontzettend leuke blog !
    Liefs, Esther | Confashions


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