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Every fashion week season I am spending hours and hours behind my computer to check up on fashion week updates. Shows and streetstyle pictures, I love them all. Fashionwise Paris is my ultimate favorite, but when it comes to streetstyle and views of the city my favorite one tends to be New York. Its bold style and city views really breath the American dream: anything is possible. I mean, just look at the pictures above! A day filled with looking at hamburger sweaters, the biggest graffiti, style that adopts different cultures and the biggest selection of weird foodstuff on the planet is just another day in New York. I find it magical.

What probably adds to the magic is that I have never actually visited New York. (And the fact that my friends from SATC live over there.) I have wanted to for a while now, but somehow Berlin and Paris always win. Most of the time this is a time and money dominated choice and so, I decided that next year I will visit New York. For sure! I will make time and save up the money (I did just buy a house, but I will manage I guess.. ;-)) and just go! Taking my love and partner in crime with me of course. 

I can not wait to walk in the New York city streets, visit Carrie's house (Like blogger Lizzy did.), eat some bagels and other typically American stuff, visit the famous Guggenheim museum and shop like crazy in Soho. This is going to be a swell time, I can totally imagine it already! For now though, I will just collect all of my favorite pictures of New York from my favorite bloggers and dream. Sigh. (And participate in Lucy's blogger contest, to win a trip to...yes, New York! And pray.)

I am going for a run now in my other favorite city in the world: Amsterdam. Luckily for me, that is my hometown and I am able to enjoy it every day!

Where do dream of going on your next trip?
Happy Sunday!

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  1. Geweldige foto's! Ik ben ook altijd uren zoet met mijn laptop tijdens de fashionweeks.


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