After a few days of unexpected neo-summer sun, fall kicked in. Hard. Rain, wind and the best part of it al: dropping temperatures. Because as everyone seemed to be waiting anxiously to wear their new fall wardrobe for a while already, I was still hanging on to summer. Until this week. Because, although the weather gods could give us a break with the rain, it seems like my bones are craving for fall. And not in the least part for my new hat and sweater. ;-)

I guess you have all seen the H&M Paris show collection by now. With their long coats, thick woolen sweaters, high boots and cool jackets it seems like H&M is already anticipating on their collaboration with the amazing Isabel Marant. (check her fall/winter collection here) I decided to order this sailor cap and a long woolen sweater, that is just made to snuggle up in when it is cold. Some signature pieces that I can not wait to wear until death. Okay, just until you tell me to finally get the hell back in my closet and search for something else haha! 

Anyway, I am fallin'. Hard. Damn you fall!
Are you fallin' too?

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