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Oh how I wish I was an Asian beauty. Then I could wear the simplest outfits and still be the coolest girl around the block. Remember when Gwen Stefani had this obsession for Harayuku girls? (Which started around 2009 and went on for..well.. 2010 and 2011 I guess.)  My obsession is nothing like that one. I mean, I am not surrounding myself on a 24/7 basis with Harayuku girls in order to look cooler, but I must say that there is something mysterious about Asian girls. Take Liu Wen for example. The amazing face that we all know from H&M's New Icons ads. I would do anything (okay, not anything)to get that clean look. One thing is sure though; even if I try my hardest, I will never become an Asian beauty. Or Liu Wen, or Aimee Song or Jaynee. I guess you can not have everything in life. ;-)

What is your current girl crush?

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