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A happy and healthy morning you! At least, after you tried this incredible smoothie recipe from Mija. Just what I needed this morning to help me get through this crazy ass busy day. We (me and my Vers Vlees 020 colleagues) are opening an art exhibition today. And as we are expecting a few hundred people, we'd better make sure that the event is well organized. We even made the national news paper yesterday! 

So what do I need to pull this thing off? Yes, some amazing super powers that help me make this event the best art exhibition in the history of Amsterdam. I recall that Popeye had some great ones that he powered by eating spinach, so why would spinach not have the same effect on me? Only problem is that a bag of raw spinach is not exactly what you are craving for in the morning. Luckily this smoothy is a great solution. I feel my super powers coming up already. Thanks Mija, for sharing this great recipe.  And if you happen to be in Amsterdam tonight and are interested in the work of young and talented artists, please feel free to drop by. More info on the event is to be found on our facebook page. Would love to see you tonight. 

Me and my just acquired super powers are leaving for work now. And if I do not see you tonight, we will talk on the blog tomorrow. Enjoy your day!

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