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Well, hello peeps! Looks like I just managed to surface from the land of total daze and confusion. Yesterday night was so great! I am still amazed by the number of people (a few hundred indeed) that decided to drop by to look at some art. We even sold some stuff already! I could not have asked for a better scenario. 

Anyway, today I had a lot of work to do and shooting proper outfit pics was not part of that. Therefore, I present you a pic from the blogger-savior-of-all-time: Instagram. I am wearing my go to uniform when I do not want to think about what I am wearing in the morning: a blouse, jeans and comfortable biker boots. 

The weekend is going to be all about hanging at home in my PJ's I guess. Temperatures are dropping anyway and I think I need some time to recover from this crazy week. What are you up to the next couple of days?


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    1. Hi Katrina! thanks so much and have a great saturday! :-)

  2. Leuke blouse Floor! Is ie van dit seizoen? xoxo
    Ps. Ga je gezellig mee naar Open Air? Yay!

    1. Ha Bien! Hij is van vorig seizoen..Nog niet zo veel aangehad omdat het veel te koud was haha. Inderdaad naar Open Air van de zomer. Kan nu al niet wachten! Geloof dat Judith ook mee gaat? Gezellig! :-) Liefs, Floor


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