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So I'm sitting inside drinking tea for almost two days now and if there's one thing that I'm terrible at it is doing nothing. Stupid thing is that somehow, since the moment I decided that I really had to chill for a moment the flu only seems to get worse. I'm preparing a winter's stew as we speak in the hope that it will be my cure. :-)

I really planned on doing an outfit shoot today, but I'm really not feeling like it. It did give me the opportunity to search the web for some great winter wear. So, what I wish I'd be wearing right now is the wear that I just fell in love with. How can one not love those amazing shoes, shiny pants, warm mohair sweater and cool jacket? Didn't buy anything yet, but I'm planning on buying something. What would you buy if you had to choose from these garments? Let me know! :-)

Hope you're feeling great!

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