I might not write to you as much as I used to the past couple of weeks. Or maybe even months already. I have consciously downsized the rate of articles I produce every week in order to be able to launch a couple of other projects I am working on. As my loyal readers, I thought you deserve a little insight in what I am doing all day. Or actually, I am trying to prevent you from thinking I am binge watching Girls all day, House of Cards, or that intriguing - not because of the story but because of all the hot Scandinavian men - Vikings series. 

Here is a hint: I am working on two projects that contain a lot of music, art, food and Amsterdam roots! Those series I just watch on the side. At night, resulting in too little sleep. But what the hell, I decided that sleep is overrated anyway.  

This one is for all the Dutchies and Amsterdam based citizens in particular. With a few other influencers we will launch a new food platform in the beginning of May. I am aware of the jungle of hotspot websites that exist already, but as a true entrepreneur would say: "This one is different." And to supplement that statement: "This is something we really need." 

We are working hard in order to launch an extensive website, that is both clear and entertaining to read. For now, it will be in Dutch. But who knows what will happen a few months from now. I am just very excited to work in a team and share my passion for food and art in a different manner than I am used to. 

You might know Josephine already from the previous season of De Beste Singer Songwriter van Nederland. This Amsterdam born and bred artist is a multitalent and creative thinker above all. I am taking care of the PR and communication regarding her album launch and help creating the concept. As we are right in the middle of composing the program and concept, I cannot tell you much about this project yet. But I can tell you that it will cross the bridge between, music, art and social issues regarding our generation. As soon as I can tell you more, I will. Promise!

Here's a video of Josephine performing one of her songs on 3FM last week. 

Exciting times right? I hope you will grow with me and provide me with feedback once I present the end-results. Talk to you soon!


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  1. Looks like you've been keeping yourself busy, I'm curious to see the end-results! Good luck x Sarah

    1. Cool! Cannot wait to show you more. :-) Have a great day! x


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