Although cow milk has received some fierce competition from its coconut, soy, rice and almond family members, cow milk has always been a corner stone in my diet.  I might rather add soy milk to my latte lately, but that is mostly because of its sweet taste. And a little, because of its healthy reputation. I admit. 

Among Amsterdam's young and conscious crowd, cow milk is starting to become a dirty word and I might be guilty of contributing to that trend. Oh how we are all a slave to the hype. Time for change! From this Wednesday on the MelkSalon is taking over a shop in the 9 streets, at the Oude Spiegelstraat 6. You are welcome to join farmers, scientists, designers, consumers and other contributors to the milk industry to talk about and discuss the future of cow milk

For a whole month, Sietske Klooster and Food Cabinet will show you different aspects of the milk industry and social trends. I find it courageous that they divide their full attention to this ancient product in a time where the hype dictates the food laws. Therefore, I encourage you to visit the bar and let it surprise you with its program

Have a great - and maybe milky - day! ;-)

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