I have lost count on the number of times that I wanted to take a cab when going home after a festival or night out in the city and did not. With the cab fair rapidly multiplying every minute spent in the cab, the bill was often too much for me too handle. Resulting in crazy nocturnal biking tours along the outskirts of Amsterdam. With the festival season coming up, I guess many of you can relate to my story. That is why I would like to introduce you to Yeller today. A clever way to reduce the costs of a taxi ride by sharing one with like-minded people. And imagine who you could meet and share your cab with... Maybe your new best friend, colleague or date? So exciting! I reckon it is only a matter of time before this Yeller frenzy is on full force. 

As you know, I take pleasure in sharing smart and innovative initiatives, labels, hotspots and concepts that have their roots in our capital. Yeller is an initiative of Peakfijn, a start-up specialized in designing smart, digital products that make our life a little easier. Talking to the guys behind Peakfijn this week got me hyped up about Yeller pretty soon. The fact they are easy on the eye had nothing to do with that, clearly. ;-)

After creating a profile and sharing your destination, the app fixes you a match with another or a couple of Yeller users that need to go the same way. You will be able to chat with them, check out their photos and other information on their profile. This way, you will always know who you are sharing your cab with, which pretty much makes it a dating app for car sharing. And with TCA as its partner, Yeller makes sure that your cab driver is reliable. 

Right now, the app is available for Iphone. The app will soon be available for Android and Windows too though. Just in time for the festival season! Pretty curious if DGTL at the NDSM-werf proofs to be its first test case. 

Have a great Easter weekend and make sure to indulge in those chocolate easter eggs. Easter only happens once a year. ;-) 

Happy Saturday!

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This article was written in cooperation with Yeller. 

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