ArtDeli's Jessica Voorwinde & Bram Claassen
After three years of hard work and determination, Amsterdam has a new art-design-food hotspot: ArtDeli will open its doors for you tomorrow, on the Rokin 93. And as you know, the Rokin is right in the heart of our city. Which means that I cross it almost every day. The past two weeks, I had the opportunity to wine, dine and shop at ArtDeli already. It leaves me with nothing other to say than that I am hooked. With its beautiful art, smart design shop, delicious menu and international vibe, this place is right up my alley. 

Every few months a guest curator switches up the interior by adding art and design pieces of their liking, with the focus on young artists. That means that the vibe at ArtDeli changes often. The menu changes with it, so a visit will never leave you unchallenged. The combination of all this up to date and matrix-like art and food, is contrasted beautifully by the historic building in which ArtDeli resides: built in 1896 by Brusse & Gransberg, traders in tobacco. 

A few art and design pieces have been custom made for ArtDeli and are therefore permanent. The bar for example, was designed by Lex Pott: a young designer that was recently chosen as designtalent of the year by the Volkskrant

From tomorrow on, you are welcome to visit this magnificent place. So make sure you check it out. With bite size dishes, ranging from 7 to 14 euros each, ArtDeli is perfect for drinking your 5 'o clock glass of wine and staying a little longer than planned while ordering coquilles, a skirt stake or a vegetarian dish. There is something for everyone. 

I believe that ArtDeli is a true addition to Amsterdam's culture scene and with me is Cathelijne Broers, director of the Nieuwe Kerk and Hermitage Amsterdam: 

"ArtDeli is innovative and really adds something to the cultural offer in Amsterdam. As a museum director, it therefore is a special experience to curate ArtDeli's first exhibition."

I will be heading to ArtDeli's opening party tonight. So keep an eye on my Instagram for updates. Don't forget to drop by fast!

Enjoy your day!

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Images by Team Peter Stigter

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