After a pretty hectic week with meetings and writing for Waar Amsterdam Eet and Bloggernet, Sunday's are for friends. Preferably for hanging out on a terrace in my neighborhood. Bar Brouw is the right spot at the Ten Katestraat, on the condition that you like to eat meat. Vegetarians might be able to choose a salad or two, but for the most part this place is for carnivores. Think brisket, pulled pork, hamburgers and sticky ribs. Every once in a while, it makes me a perfectly happy girl. 

Bar Brouw is located alongside the Ten Kate Market and only steps away from the popular Food Hallen, which makes it a dynamic place. I hear a merchant screaming that his fish just got cheaper, people running into each other while shopping and trams jingling their bells. Although located at a busy crossing, Bar Brouw is a pretty anonymous place to sit. As every one else rushes to get from point a to b, quietly sipping on your latte goes pretty well here. Same goes for discussing the latest (romantic) gossip with my friends. 

You find Bar Brouw at the Ten Katestraat 16. But if you live in the East part of our city, Bar Brouw has a second location on the Beukenplein 17. Both locations are superb. 

I am off for a run around the block. Let's see if my muscles can handle it after months of sitting behind my desk working...

Happy Sunday!

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