I am lucky that my living room looks best in the morning. The sun lights up my furniture in a way that can only boost my mood. When I was younger, I did not care that much for a home that was nicely decorated and tidy. All I cared for was that I had enough room to paint and splash that stuff all over the place. When I did not have money to buy a canvas, I would paint my cabinets, chairs and whatever still had a clean space left. Resulting in an arty, but chaotic hangout

Over the years, my style has become calmer. I am not that into a bohemian style anymore - just a little hint of it - and I switched purple as my favorite interior design color for white. One thing I still love about a chaotic home with purple as its dominant color though, is the fact it makes making a mess does not seem so wrong. Clutter actually fits in with its chaotic surroundings. - Or at least I thought so at the time - Since I live in a more clean looking space, leaving a few cookie crumbles seems like an act of satan. And really, the thought of having kids at one point...

It is a good thing that I have become a lot better at cleaning lately - and the fact that I live with a really tidy roommate - but still it is not my favorite job. As I do enjoy a clean house though, I had to call in some special forces. And as I thought you might enjoy a little extra help with cleaning your place, I teamed up with my friends at Helpling to gift you 1 hour of free cleaning. How cool is that? 

1. Just go to and enter your postal area. 
2. Select how many hours you would like to book the cleaning service. 
3. Add your voucher code jadepillarhelpling before you check out. 

Easy right? The only risk is that you cannot do without in the future. I sure cant. #TotalAddict

Enjoy your day!

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9 opmerkingen:

  1. ziet er heel er goed uit en ik ga zeker even kijken!

    1. Hi Alexa, zeker doen! Ik kan niet meer zonder... Liefs! Floor

  2. Superleuk huis! Ik heb zelf een redelijk drukke bohemian stijl maar soms is het wel wat veel idd... Als er iets niet op zijn plaats staat lijkt het al meteen superrommelig haha. Maar ik hou wel van de kleurencombinaties <3


    1. Hi Joy, dank je wel! Ben er ook ontzettend blij mee. Ben nu wel heel benieuwd naar jouw huis. Snap precies wat je bedoelt met dat rommelige, maar bohemian is ook wel weer heel tof hoor. Alles strak is ook zo saai. x

  3. Wat een mooie sfeervolle foto's. Ik hou ook wel van meerdere spulletjes in huis maar dan weer precies op de goede plek anders vind ik het al gauw te rommelig, haha xx

    1. Hey Eva! Dank je wel. :-) En dat is natuurlijk precies het lastige aan kleine spulletjes overal. Super leuk, maar een pain in the ass met schoonmaken haha. Fijne dag vandaag! x

  4. Huge fan of your blog, so happy I discovered it!


    1. Hi Dylana, thank you so much! Love to hear from you. I actually have been following you for quite some time. Love your website. Let me know when you are in Amsterdam, I'll show you around. :-) Have a great day! x

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