Together with my friends, I am starting a new project today. Cannot tell you much about it yet, but it has everything to do with the internet and Amsterdam. Now as a single girl, I guess Amsterdam is my biggest love. Especially since I seem to not find my new life companion on Tinder. Gosh, the things you are introduced to when restarting your life on your own. Anyway, the guys at United Wardrobe asked me to test their brand new online store. One where both men and women are able to sell and shop 2nd hand clothes. I love it when people take a risk and start something new. 

I have to say that I am not much of a vintage shopper. I used to be during college, when I had this whole bohemian thing going on. Lately though, I rather spend my days drinking coffee on a terrace or going out with friends for dinner and drinks. That is when online shopping comes in handy, as it saves a girl a vast amount of time. 

More and more vintage online shops are launching lately though. And as 2nd hand shopping is both sustainable and cheap, I decided to take a gamble on a pair of burgundy Adidas sneakers. 

Truth be told, I was a little apprehensive about what I would find on United Wardrobe. Often, people do not sell the pearls of their wardrobes. Just the items that are worn out or out of style. The supply at United Wardrobe is larger than I initially thought and it did not take long to click those Adidas babies home. 

Since the mailman brought them to my home, I have already worn them a lot. I did throw them into the washing machine first - an essential in vintage shopping according to Kim Evers -, as I sensed a linger of another person's smelly feet. Could as well be my cold water fear for this first time 2nd hand shopping again though. Since I have washed them, these babies are a great addition to my wardrobe. United Wardrobe does not only sell sneakers, they sell everything from bags to shirts and from trousers to coats. Much easier than spending hours in a chaotic vintage shop. 

Happy Saturday!

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