A few years ago, people used to call me the Vampire Child. I was always dressed in black and had really pale skin. That pale skin is something that lasts up until today. I mean, I did my best to bronze in the sun but at best I would turn beige. Even on holidays, I now camp underneath a big umbrella or rub myself in sunblock. I am fine with it. Although I have to admit that running into people that are even whiter than me sometimes is pretty nice. Oh, how we secretly all chase these beauty ideals. 

Anyway, this picture was taken on Tuesday when the sun was out and it felt like Spring. Almost Summer actually, since it stayed out for quite some time. Long enough to enjoy drinking a tomato juice on the terrace. Something that seems so fitting with my former nickname now that I think about it. 

To proof to you that I am not a straight descendent from Dracula though: I do enjoy the sun, even when it looks like I am totally lost int these pictures. I even miss it on a cloudy day like this. So please dear sun, will you make it back in time for the weekend? 

Let's hope that I am not getting shunned with garlic and crosses today. 

Enjoy your day!

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  2. Je outfit past er echt helemaal bij!


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