The sun will come out this weekend to make us bath in her rays of light the whole weekend! With temperatures rising to 15 degrees, this weekend is one for the books already. My Whatsapp feed almost exploded yesterday, with ideas where me and my friends could spend this weekend best. Because who wants to waste a precious Spring weekend like this in the wrong place, without any sun, right? Our conclusion: The Waterkant at the Marnixstraat 246. We'll start there and make our plan for the night as we go. Will you join us?

You find Waterkant under the big Europarking building, with its big white spiral-like form. Before Waterkant claimed those concrete blocks, I actually only came here when I had to refuel my boat's engines at the gasstation - only a few feet away - on a sunny Summer's day. I always thought of the place as a little dodgy and cheerless. The initiators of Waterkant saw more potential in this place though and clearly, they were right. Waterkant is now a Surinam themed bar, that is easy going and even a little tropical. The perfect getaway in the Summer, when you do not feel like going to the beach and want to spend a hot day in the city.  

I guess Surinam food is one of your best options on a sunny day like this. You will find nothing too fancy at Waterkant, but they do have some pearls shining on the menu. As ginger is one of the hottest ingredients in food right now, I recommend you to try the homemade ginger beer. A little different than what you are use to probably, but all the more interesting. And damn, those Dirty Duck Red Curry Springrolls... I cannot wait to get my hands on them today! 

I guess there is nothing more for you to do than join me on today's trip to the tropics. Will you?

Happy Saturday!

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