Lord, did I feel wiped out the past couple of days! While everyone around me was getting sick, I thought I would skip that whole thing and hop into Spring like it was nothing. Not so much though. After my throat started to feel sore on Friday, it quickly became worse and on Saturday I found myself binge watching House of Cards with a cup of tea. As that clearly was the only thing I was capable of doing that day. (exhibit 1

Anyway, after a few days of sore muscles, coughing like a seal and scaring people with my looks I started to feel a little better yesterday. Feeling fit would not be the right word yet - as I still felt like I was living under water since my ears were clogged and my nose started to fall apart from all the sneezing - but it started to look like it. I am back in business today, just in time for that Spring weekend to arrive. While typing this, I am watching a big yellow sun rise from behind the buildings in my neighborhood. That is nice. Reminds me to start preparing my boat for those sunny afternoons. Let's hope it did not sink because of last week's rain. ;-)

Happy Thursday!

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