We found a new hangout! Now that cafe Hendrix has opened its doors on the De Clercqstraat 82, I guess you will find me there often. Preferably at a large table, surrounded by friends. At first, the room felt a bit empty as the owners decided to keep it minimalistic and spacious. After a while though, I realized that this is actually one of Hendrix' best features. Nothing too crowded on a Sunday afternoon and room to talk about the weekend's gossip. My advice: order those Super Nacho's and some gin, a special beer or wine. Claim one of those large couches or tables and you are good to go, promise. 

Clearly, Hendrix' initiators are fans of guitar legend Jimmy Hendrix. There is a big art piece portraying his face on the wall and the bar states that Music is a safe kind of high. Just like Jimi said. Combined with soul food, a little big rough and masculine interior - think leather, steel, wood - and their extended opening hours, Hendrix is a great place to chill and meet your friends. 

The bar is open every day from 8 AM until late at night and right at the lively center of Amsterdam's West side. 

If you are looking for a no nonsense bar, where you feel welcome at any hour of the day, this one is really worth paying a visit!

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