If you follow me on Instagram (@jadepillar) you have already seen I went to the opening of the Body Art exhibition at the Tropenmuseum. The Tropenmuseum is doing quite well with their exhibition themes and ambassadeurs lately. This time, designer and artist Bas Kosters took the stage to share with us his story. A story about individualism and self expression that I loved to hear.  

In my case, my tattoo and piercings do not really tell a story. I just get excited about decorating my body. A little while ago though, I decided to make up a story for them. As it felt like everyone around me expected me to do so. (I quit telling that story, as soon as I realized the bullshit of it. ;-))

Ironically, I tend to also ask people about the stories of their tattoos. Like  it would give me a better insight in that persons life. When Bas told us that the big LOVE tattoo on his chest was a declaration of love for himself after breaking up a 9 year relationship, it was funny to see that the crowd started nodding. Like they were relieved to get his motive.

If I understood Bas correctly, his body art is a mixture of creative self expression and events happening in his life. Especially his tattoos are quite bold and in his own style. The typical characters and bold typography that are significant to his work also appear on his body.   

Bas also showed two videos that explore the limits of self expression. I found it cool to see how one person can take on different styles, change his appearance and thereby the way people react to him. You can check out one of the videos below. In order to see the rest of the exhibition, you should definitely check out the Tropenmuseum. The exhibition is a little crowded, but is a nice starting point in thinking about body art throughout different cultures and history. 

There is still a Summer to visit it (it ends on August 30), so plenty of time to plan your trip. 

Happy Sunday!

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Image by Wolf Produkties.

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