Good Lord, I cannot believe it is Friday again. Whoever invented that there are only 24 hours in one day, must have been a total lunatic. Anyway, the great part of it is though that the sweet taste of that first wine 'o clock sip is not that far away. As you can see in the picture above, Sandra, Sanne and I have already started in JFK Magazine. Anyway, you must be dying to hear this weekend's hotspots. So here we go!

Today, between 18-21h the Andenken/Battalion Gallery opens the exhibition Ghosts Among Us, showing the works of Stockholm based artist SiMPLE. His background in street culture, such as graffity and skateboarding, influences his use of materials, imagery and style. Often they are a mixture of the visual culture, music, video's, art and street surroundings that we see in our environment. 

Hop over for some after work drinks at the Pazzanistraat 17, at the Westerpark!


I have been waiting for this to happen for a while, and it finally did! Hanna and Jiske opened their first Nobody Has To Know flagship store! This fashion brand without sizes, labels and gender specific items is going to be the next hot thing in fashion minded Amsterdam. Especially those who are not afraid of a hint of street style. The store had a soft launch to warm up for this weekend's official launch, for which you definitely are invited. Check out the Facebook page for more info. 

The NHTK store is located at the Ceintuurbaan 320.


To end the weekend in style, you might want to join the Sonic Arts Festival closing concert at the Vondelkerk. A violinist will play a piece called Greifen, through a specially designed multiple loudspeaker set-up. Sounds weird? I guess it is. But immersing yourself into vague music is best when you are already knocked out by all the partying on Friday and Saturday. 

Check out this map to find the Vondelkerk. 

These events are just a few of the events that are happening in our capital city this weekend. So get out of the house and enjoy them. Happy Weekend!


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  1. Geniet van je weekend er staan mooie dingen op de planning!

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